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Why You Should Elope to Scotland

What better place to elope than the majestic and grand Scotland? In a matter of 6 years, my heart has been pulled back to Scotland four times. It’s become a home away from home, a place I feel unimaginable joy and peace. It’s a place I want others to fall in love with as well and what better way to do so than celebrate your own love in this very place?

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A Joyful Downtown Chicago Wedding | St. Michael in Old Town and Salvage One

When J + M reached out about their wedding, I pretty much lost my cool when they mentioned the reception would be at Salvage One in Chicago. I straight up replied with, “it’s been a DREAM of mine to photograph at Salvage One since I started shooting weddings. Not to drop a pressure bomb on you, but suffice it to say, I am interested.” I’m surprised I didn’t scare them off with that response.

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