An Independence Pass Adventure Engagement | Aspen, Colorado

How often do you get to surround yourself with tall green grass, blue waters, AND majestic mountains? Twin Lakes, Independence Pass, and Aspen are the perfect location for an adventurous engagement shoot with a variety of beautiful backdrops all in close proximity. We had no shortage of beauty to explore this breathtaking summer evening.

L + R rolled up with their Illinois license plate and I wasted no time asking where they’re from originally. Turns out we all used to call the Chicago ‘burbs home yet here we were, meeting for the first time in a small mountain town in Colorado. The world’s a little funny and tiny that way and I love gentle reminders like this. None of us see ourselves returning to Illinois any time soon but these first few photos remind me of the Midwest and its sweet charm a bit: tall grass, old barns, fields of green. The mountains less than a mile out of frame, not so much. But it’s a treasure to remember where we come from and see the beauty in it, even if we don’t call it home any longer.

It’s a blessing that part of my job is introducing places like this to people. I spend quite a bit of my own time scouting and researching locations that aren’t as flooded with other photographers because I want your experience being photographed to feel unique. So reach out and let’s go frolic in places like this to document your precious and one-of-a-kind love.