A Wintery Mountain Couple's Session | Sapphire Point in Dillon, Colorado

I want your photos to feel like you. Maybe that should go without saying, but I think sometimes it’s easy these days for photographers to get caught up in recreating the photos we see on Instagram or Pinterest. I know I’ve done it. Sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously (hello being constantly inundated by beautiful imagery). I want to strive toward uniqueness though. And I want that uniqueness to come from knowing that I am capturing two distinct souls with their own love story, a love story that informs and shapes the images I create in that moment. So laugh. Or cry. Or dance or jump or hold one another tight. Do what comes naturally to you. And I’ll work to capture your love in a way that is wholly and uniquely you.

This session with A + D as a perfect example of what I want to strive to create. These two spent most of the evening laughing—at one another, at the situation, at the people watching them, at themselves. It felt so true to them, unforced. They even brought their sweet rabbit along(!!!) so I’d say we were doing what felt right to them and not what the internet tells us a photo should look like.

Thanks for the laughter, for not taking yourselves too seriously—nor myself. Thanks for trudging through knee high snow and enjoying every bit of it. Thanks for being you.

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