A + T | A Colorado Ice Castles Adventure Engagement

I met these two for the first time the minute they stepped out of the car in the parking lot in Dillon where we began their engagement shoot. With whiskey on their breath—someone else had driven them!—and smiles on their faces, I think I’m correct in saying we pretty immediately hit it off. A + T live in Louisiana but wanted the Colorado winter for the backdrop of their engagement photos and I am so glad they somehow stumbled upon me in their search for a photographer. They were big grins, silly jokes, warmth, and passion the entire afternoon.

Sapphire Point and the surrounding area gave us a stunning backdrop for the first part of the shoot with deep snow and green pines. Then, as soon as the Ice Castles opened for the evening, we oohed and awed and embraced the otherworldly beauty of the frozen structures. A + T kept each other warm under the archways dripping with icicles. It may have been magic.

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